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Beautiful, handmade accessories for meditation practice.

'' Three things cannot hide for long: the moon, the sun and the truth.'' - Buddha

What Inspire Us

The origin of our label has its roots in the fact that we were often asked by Buddhist/meditation friends from the Sangha if we could make some products for their Dharma practice. Since then, the concept behind Sangha Friend has flourished and we have begun to produce beautifully designed and practical accessories for daily Dharma practice, which have found great interest and popularity among Buddhists/meditation from various schools beyond our circle of friends. Everything is lovingly handmade in a small studio here in Berlin. We set high standards in the selection of fabrics and materials and incorporate our own practical experience in the development and manufacture of our products.


(Buddisattava in Action)

Beside the selection of our selfmade products we decided to offer some products of the relief organisation Bodhisattvas in Action (BIA). This is an NGO, which was founded by Chogyal Rinpoche and works similar to German sheltered workshops in Nepal. People with disabilities, who otherwise have to live in strong isolation in Nepal, get an education through BIA and a job in the BIA workshops. So for example the offered incense sticks are produced by blind people, who can bring in particularly their special sense of smell as well as their haptic skills, because similar to our products manufactured in Berlin, the articles of BIA in Nepal are all made by hand. With the sale of these BIA products we would like to support the great work of BIA. 
On the following website you will find information about the various activities of BIA, which give hope and confidence to people in Nepal.